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LT Motors (IE2 / IE3 / IE4 )

LT Motors (IE2 / IE3 / IE4 )

LT Motors (IE2 / IE3 / IE4 )

Product Details

The induction motors are extensively used at different levels. Small induction motors are used at the domestic level and the big induction motors are used at big industrial levels where the induction motors are used in big industrial units for various purposes. The induction motors are classified on the basis of their efficiency levels as per the International Efficiency 60034-30-1. On the basis of the efficiency levels, the induction motors are classified into 4 categories which are IE1, IE2, IE3, and IE4. The IE1 motors lie in the Standard Efficiency range. The IE2 motors lie in the High-Efficiency range. The IE3 motors lie in the Premium Efficiency range and the IE4 motors lie in the Super Premium Efficiency range. The efficiency range of each motor shows that the efficiency of the next series is better than the previous series.

IE1 Motors (Standard Efficiency Motors)

IE2 Motors (High Efficiency)

IE3 Motors (Premium Efficiency)

IE4 Motors (Super Premium Efficiency)

To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, the latest designs have been incorporated for the range of LT motors, ensuring better electrical performance as well as versatility in mechanical features.

The range includes safe and hazardous area motors, energy efficient motors as well as motors for special applications like brake motor, re-rolling mill, cement mill, oil-well pump etc. The motors are available in various standards and customized configurations to respond to the exacting demands of the industry.

ND Series

  • Frame 80 to 355 in Cast Iron Body
  • Range: 0.37 kW to 325 kW
  • Squirrel Cage & Slipring Motors
  • Foot / Flange & Face Mounting
  • 2 Pole / 4 Pole / 6 Pole / 8 Pole
  • Motors for every application

GD Series

  • Frame 63 to 132 in Aluminium Body
  • Range: 0.18 kW to 11 kW
  • Multi-mount Facility(i.e. right, left or top mounted terminal box position can be obtained by simply changing the position of foot)
  • 2 Pole / 4 Pole / 6 Pole / 8 Pole
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